Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:


- 'Tiny Titans Football Club' refers to the parent company you are agreeing with.

- 'Fees' represent the cost of session(s) as stated on the Tiny Titans Football Club website.

- 'Monthly Fee' is a monthly payment via Direct Debit for membership, allowing a Member to join their chosen group.

- 'Parent' denotes an individual with overall parental responsibility for the Member.

- 'Carer' is an adult aged 18 or above responsible for the Member during sessions.

- 'Member' signifies a child enrolled and attending Sessions.

- 'Coach' is an individual employed or licensed by Tiny Titans Football Club to lead Sessions.

- 'Session(s)' are 45-minute periods supervised by Coaches where Members participate.

- 'Stadium' refers to the venue hosting the session(s).

Fees & Payment:

The Monthly Sessions Fee must be paid monthly through Direct Debit. This fee is an average based on a year and not tied to specific monthly session numbers. Continuous Direct Debit payments are necessary to secure a Member's spot in their group. The Monthly Sessions Fee grants access only to the specific group signed up for by the Parent.


If classes are cancelled due to reasons like poor weather, strikes, terrorism acts, health and safety concerns, etc., refunds will not be issued. In case of a local lockdown due to a pandemic, subscriptions will run for four weeks before being paused until restrictions lift.

To cancel subscription, parents need to provide 30 days notice by emailing hello@tinytitans.co.uk with a clear cancellation request and child's name. After this notice period ends, subscription will be immediately terminated.

Parental Responsibilities:

- The parent or carer must be physically present on-site for the entire session.

- They are responsible for overseeing the member's behaviour, participation, and well-being, including accompanying them to restroom visits.

- Unless due to coach negligence, it is the parent's duty to ensure insurance coverage for any personal injury or property damage that may occur.

- Parents also take on the responsibility of supervising other non-member children under their care during the session.

- Coaches have sole responsibility for members while the session is in progress.

Behavioural Expectations:

- If a member's, parent's, or another child's behaviour is deemed inappropriate, Tiny Titans Football Club reserves the right to suspend or permanently exclude that member without refunding fees. Attempts will be made to resolve issues through dialogue with parents before taking action.

Health and Course Cancellation Policies:

- Members and parents agree not to attend if they have a significant infectious medical condition.

- The club can cancel or postpone a course at any time; pro-rata refunds will be issued for incomplete sessions in such cases.

Confidentiality Agreement:

- Parents/carers pledge not to disclose information about Tiny Titans Football Club or engage in sports-related early childhood programs within 2 years after ending membership.

Photography & Social Media Agreement:

By agreeing to these terms, Tiny Titans Football Club has the right to use cameras during activities and post content on social media. Parents can choose not to have their child photographed by informing the club via email before the first session. It is not allowed for parents to take pictures or videos of attendees/coaches without consent; failure to comply may lead to immediate subscription suspension.

Exclusion of Liability:

Although Tiny Titans Football Club takes safety measures, parents acknowledge potential risks involved in physical activities. They are encouraged to consult a doctor about any health issues that could affect participation. The club and its staff are not liable for any harm or damage sustained during sessions due to negligence.

Claims against Tiny Titans Football Club must be made within 30 days of the incident. This agreement does not cover implied warranties unless linked to personal injury caused by negligence. These terms represent the complete agreement between parties, replacing all prior agreements.

Data Protection – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Personal Data (definition) – refers to any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.

Upon enrollment with Tiny Titans Football Club, parents or carers may be requested to provide the following member details: name, date of birth, medical condition, parent/carer’s name, email address, telephone number, and residential address. Should a parent/carers wish for this information to be removed from our records, they are required to contact Tiny Titans Football Club directly.

Tiny Titans Football Club does not retain any credit or debit card information on its website.

In the absence of explicit consent, a legal obligation, or other lawful basis for processing personal data should generally not be shared with third parties unaffiliated with Tiny Titans Football Club (e.g., members of the public or private property owners).

Parent and Carer Rights

Parents & Carers possess certain rights regarding how we manage their personal data. These rights include:

1. The right to withdraw consent at any time if our processing is based on consent.

2. The right to request access to the personal data we hold.

3. The right to opt-out of direct marketing activities using their personal data.

4. The right to object to our processing under specific circumstances.

5. The right to request immediate erasure of personal data if:

a. It is no longer necessary for the purposes it was collected;

b. Consent was the sole legal basis for processing and has been withdrawn without an alternative legal basis;

c. Objections have been raised against processing based on legitimate interests/public interest without overriding grounds;

d. Objections have been made against direct marketing purposes;

e. Processing is deemed unlawful.

Acceptance of T&Cs

The agreement requires all parties to maintain confidentiality on activities and information related to Tiny Titans Football Club. This encompasses not replicating any session aspects in any way. Furthermore, it includes a commitment to refrain from involvement in managing, operating, or supporting competing organizations while their child is a member and for 18 months post-membership.

In terms of holiday schedules, the club observes a two-week break in December (starting on the 18th and 25th) for Christmas holidays. Consequently, no club sessions will take place during this period. Parents or guardians are expected to continue paying monthly fees throughout these holiday months to ensure consistent financial obligations are met throughout the year.